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robin FitnessWorld Durham N.C

Sany cleaning service and her team help me out recently when my cleaning employee went on a two week vacation. She was willing and able to clean every night that I needed help and they did an exceptional job. I gave her a key to my business as she is trustworthy and willing to work the hours I needed. They came after hours to make sure my business continued to have the same standard of cleanliness for our members as always. We are a 25,000 sq. foot commercial health club and we have high expectations of cleanliness and her team did a great job! Prices are reasonable and I would recommend her for your business or home. Thanks again for all your hard work. Hope you are available the next time I need help.



Andrea Schwartz Bynum, NC

I've been enjoying the service provided by sandys cleaning for about two years now. She was my solution when my previous service was unable to tell me when they would arrive on the days they were scheduled. I work from home, and needed to be able to plan around their work!
From day one Sandra (and later she and the wonderful Reina) were able to come on time every single day. It made my life much more organized, and a lot cleaner. Her attention to detail and her willingness to go the extra mile have been a great help. They are completely trustworthy.

Amanda Elizabeth Durham N.C

My husband and I are ALWAYS on the go and Sandy’s has come to our rescue on many occasions. She is always punctual and polite, she is trustworthy and most of all, she leaves everything spotless! Sandy and her staff are phenomenal, her services are very reasonably and I highly recommend them to anyone in the Durham area.


Wendy Boykin Durham N.C

I have been using this cleaning service for about a year and they are great! Very efficient and professional. I will be using them for a long time!




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