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about us

Cleaning company Sandy's cleaning services


about us


Sandy's cleaning services, is a company of integral solutions in cleaning, thought to solve the small and big conflicts in the sector of the cleaning and the maintenance, or at the level of individuals, as of companies.


Sandy's cleaning services we put at your service a group of professionals of great experience, rigor and seriousness, ready to meet all your needs and to offer you the highest quality services.


The success in all our projects has led us to be a benchmark company in the cleaning sector, to be taken into account for any service you need. Regulated by values ​​and a firm commitment, our final goal, besides guaranteeing a quality service, through the use of the right products, and the latest procedures in the market; is to achieve your full satisfaction.



Adapting to the circumstances and all your needs, our professionals, will be responsible for providing you with the corresponding meritorious treatment.

sandy's cleaning services., any cleaning service is a challenge for us. Therefore, we have a wide range of products and services to be carried out. From the simplest cleaning, but also the most annoying, at home or at the office, to specific cleanings, which require, indisputably, the knowledge and training that all our team enjoy.


We welcome you to our web page, hoping that the services that we offer you, are of your interest. Take a look at all the possibilities we offer you and discover everything we can do for you. Cleaning is one of the most daily tasks, and so cumbersome, that never ends up being liked by everyone. Trust in a close company and in all the people that form it. We will treat your services, as if they were ours.

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about us




Have 10 years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning. offers a different cleaning service, founded in May 2008 in NORTH CAROLINA.

Since then, we have done a job that stands out for the excellent quality and total confidence for our customers.


We strive to be an agency that accompanies you in the selection process of the national staff, providing personalized attention, always verifying that the staff is present in your home or office in the correct one.


Fulfill the need for general cleaning in businesses and offices for specific days

Our main service is based on providing solutions to all the needs that arise in your home or business through our domestic staff or office cleaning. Someone wants to have a reliable and prepared staff for these tasks.


The haste and speed of the current world often leads us to not have all the time we would need to make certain decisions that, without being irrevocable, would be much more beneficial for all if we dedicate a little more time to them; One of these tasks, "tedious" but "basic", is to hire a domestic employee.


Thanks to new technologies and the Internet, nowadays it is much easier and faster to access all kinds of information and services, and in the specific case of finding and hiring a domestic employee, access the profiles of available candidates.



The Sandy cleaning services we offer you a search engine of total confidence, in which, by presenting your needs (province, availability, functions to perform, ...) you can access the full history of the people available in this moment. In each profile, the personal data and your work experience will appear, which will allow you to quickly make a first pre-selection with your preferences, to call the candidates you decide to interview.



Do not waste time in the preparation of this selection and first interview, since "losing" a little time can save you a future of constant changes that only cause family instability. We must not forget that a good choice of domestic service can eliminate many headaches ... What do you think?



Our services are highlighted in the quality of our work, highly trained personnel to perform each of the functions assigned to the staff, it is very important that our customers are 100% satisfied


We adapt to your needs that you ask us, to achieve our objective. Our service can be weekly, for two weeks or per month as you decide. Monday through Friday from 8ap to 5 pm and weekends in special occasions.


The main guarantees of our service is to reach perfection, if you are satisfied with the service you can reach a mutual agreement, at this time the case has not arrived in the company.


Our company, seeks to ensure the physical and mental integrity of our employees avoiding physical accidents, Our staff is highly selected to carry out the work. We have insurance.


Call now or reserve, ask for price and compare! It is completely free and without any commitment. There are already more than 1,008 happy customers benefiting from our services.