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Household cleaning: general cleaning of the house at Christmas

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Keeping the house clean at Christmas presents a great challenge for many families

We are in the middle of the Christmas season. As usual and repeating the other years, we will receive family and friends, to share with them unforgettable hours. To create a happy and intimate atmosphere, the house must be impeccable to receive visitors.

The Christmas decoration, is an addition to the general cleaning of the house

So it’s time to get down to work and start with the Christmas decorations. We will start taking out the Christmas decorations, cleaning their delicate structures with a duster or a vacuum cleaner at very low power.

Tablecloths in perfect condition for the holidays

We rescue the wrinkled tablecloths, which honor the Christmas spirit, from the chests, and we wash them again to eliminate the remains of odor that may remain impregnated in their confinement. It would be advisable to use a good antistatic softener that shortens drying times and facilitates ironing.

Remove the grease from the glassware

Like delicate linens, pieces of glassware are only used for special occasions. With the passage of time, your stay in the showcases accumulates dust and fat in suspension. We must therefore remove them, wash them manually with a totally neutral ph soap and hot water.

We rinse them with plenty of water to remove the soap residues and we will go over them with a clean microfiber cloth to eliminate the traces and marks that may be marked on its surface.

Maintenance of crockery and cutlery for the Christmas meal

If the glassware is filled with dust, in your stay in the showcases, the same happens to the porcelain ware stored in the cabinets. For its delicacy, we should wash it equally by hand, with totally neutral ph soap. Another option is to dip it in a basin of hot water and neutral soap, letting the solution take effect. Then rinse with warm water to facilitate drying with the microfiber cloth. For the cutlery we can use the same system.

Do you want to share and enjoy Christmas with your most beloved people?

There are still many other areas that escape from the daily and weekly cleaning: clean the bathrooms thoroughly, corners, ceilings, windows, cleaning jobs necessary to prepare the arrival of Christmas.

If you do not want to spend all day cleaning, or just feel lazy, you can go to Sandy’s cleaning services for a thorough general cleaning.

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