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How Clean a domestic refrigerator

How Clean a domestic refrigerator

How Clean a domestic refrigerator

today to keep a clean refrigerator for everyday tasks, and not having time to do is very difficult. This task may be too unpleasant, but you can make them more easily with these five steps.


  1.  Before you start cleaning the refrigerator freezer disconnect (unplug) .At thaw it is slow but accelerating with a hair dryer.


2.  When ice, washed quickly inside the refrigerator all melts with a solution of 1 Cup hot water with two teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate and scrub with a fiber. 


3.  Throw away any expired food, it is important that this allows odors out.


         4.  Remove the shelves and containers,wash them with soap and water, if have dishwasher machine you can wash them there to save time.Nor forget to pay attention to the rubber seals and shelf supports. If very sticky, using a toothbrush to gently scrub around them.


           5. Connect your refrigerator again: Lock the doors and let cool.

Once Cool, put back the way you prefer items on each shelf … And ready your fridge is super clean!


To maintain the cleanliness of the refrigerator you have to clean it once a month, but when some liquid spills and a food falls inside, remove the remains immediately to prevent the formation of mold.