How to clean wooden furniture

how clean wooden

Wood is one of the materials most found in our homes and workplaces.

However, you do not always know how to clean wooden furniture properly.

We explain this post explains how to clean wooden furniture to keep them as long as possible.

Cleaning professionals know that there are several types of wood and not all are cleaned in the same way.

To know how to clean wooden furniture is the right one the professionals are guided by a series of specific methods. The cleaning professionals SANDYS CLEANING carry out the services to their clients and obtain excellent results. The furniture regains its original brightness and the dirt layer is completely eliminated. Using products with natural ingredients ensures that the conservation of the wood is perfect.

Methods to clean wooden furniture

First of all remember that not all wood has the same characteristics so you have to stick to each of them to carry out a cleaning method or another.

The furniture of some offices, or houses for example, are made of waxed wood.

To clean it the procedure is very simple; passing once a week a cloth soaked in milk, to be able to be hot, the brightness of this wood remains intact.

We can also use specific products for this type of material.Vessel and bottle brands
If the problem that arises in wooden furniture are the brands of glasses or bottles, how can it happen in the coffee tables of the living room, the cork will be our ally to eliminate them.

By rubbing the wood with this material, it is possible to remove them quickly and effectively.

Varnished wood
Another type of wood that is found much in furniture is varnished wood.

To maintain the shine you need a mixture of linseed oil, lemon and alcohol.

This ointment is applied at least once a week to maintain its natural shine.

It is advisable to use after cleaning products containing beeswax to fix the treatment used.

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