Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services in Raleigh N.C & What we offer

We offer a proven service in cleaning, specially designed to meet the requirements and privacy, safe and attractive. We have programs designed to meet the needs and expectations of each client, the staff that works for our company, I receive continuous and updated training aimed at improving and excellence in human treatment. In addition, a clean and sanitary operation guarantees a healthy environment without the spread of diseases. Staff motivation and inspiration also improves in a clean environment.
Janitorial Services

Why Our janitorial Service in Raleigh N.C.

What makes us special is our relentless campaign of Excellence. We have developed knowledge and processes in recent years for all aspects of this area. We are also focused on training our people to carry out cleaning in a superior way. Sandys Cleaning Services is a young company, responsible in our work with the aim of maintaining all the cleaning tasks assigned in each area, ensuring the happiness of many companies where hygiene is very important.

Some basic tasks:

Cleaning sweeping and mopping of floors, carpets, walls, doors, columns, divisions, doors, windows, furniture, toilets, meeting rooms, interior and exterior glass, acrylics, ashtrays, telephones, trash cans, sand boxes, rubber mats , bronze logos and all finishing that do not require special installation for cleaning.

We have a human team, with technical knowledge and high operational capacity. Work with the necessary tools and equipment that allow us to carry out the work requested, our clients with the highest quality, speed and efficiency.


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