Residential Cleaning Service

Looking for a residential cleaning service to stop dealing with all the household chores on a day-to-day basis? In Sandys Cleaning services we offer you a wide range of solutions in matters of the home. Find the service you were looking for to clean your house or apartment, with the flexibility and quality and the support of a large company.

What residential cleaning services do you need for your home?


What do you need for residential cleaning of your home? Sandys cleaning services we adapt to what you need in your home, making available to you reliable professionals and providing you with flexible services, so you can delegate your household tasks whenever you want, with the periodicity and the schedules that suit you, and without any type of permanent contract.

For this, we have a staff of workers who have been previously selected, have a long career in the sector. We offer you a quality service to access in a very simple way, saving time.

A good residential cleaning for your family

Residential cleaning services by the hour are today, the support that thousands of families need, and yours?

Our residential cleaning services are always tailored to your specific needs. Weekly, biweekly, monthly in the hours you want, without restrictions or conditions of permanence, and for the household tasks you need; from, cleaning the kitchen, review of the bathrooms, more general cleaning.

Our goal is to provide the service that allows you to maintain maximum confidence and security in your home and therefore, we advocate the continuity of the employee who performs the cleaning service in your home, without suffering uncomfortable changes of personnel. In addition, also with trained personnel for residential cleaning of your home.

General cleanings for your home

Sometimes, we need the support of a full team of professionals to help us carry out a general cleaning of the home. If you want a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, if you prefer the bathrooms or if you would like a thorough cleaning of the home if you move, you have properties for rent, you want to perform a cleaning of end of work or an empty floor cleaning, Interdomicilio has your solution

Call us now! Tell us what your goals are and we elaborate a budget without commitment. A specialized cleaning team will move to your home to perform an agile and effective work, with the necessary cleaning tools if you wish, and led by a home counselor who sets the protocols for action, optimizing working time.

Glass Glass

cleaning cleaning is one of the most tedious and expensive tasks to perform, sometimes reaching the need of professionals. In Interdomicilio, we have glass cleaning experts that will help you deal with work and enjoy your free time as you deserve.

Request cleaning budget without commitment

Would you like to know how much it can cost you cleaning your new home, cleaning the kitchen thoroughly or to be able to count on a professional household employee on an ongoing basis?

Ask for your cleaning budget now without any commitment. Call toll free at 919 491-4563 and find out how we can help you clean your home.


Add services

  • Cleaning the interior of windows
  • Deep cleaning (add the items marked with)
  • Cleaning the interior of the refrigerator
  • Detail of the clean shutters
  • Cleaning the interior of the oven
  • Move-In / Out (deep cleaning + fridge + oven + windows + cabinets)
  • Cleaning the interior of the cabinets

Services we do not offer

  • Cleaning the bulbs and glass lamps
  • Placing dishes
  • Cleaning lamps / crystal lamps
  • walls
  • Clean Cleaning televisions and computer monitors
  • Moving or lifting something more than 25 pounds
  • Step by step higher than 2 steps on a ladder
  • Cleaning biohazards (mold, blood, fluids bodily)
  • Hoarder, high levels of garbage / debris