Maid services

Selection and basic training of maid services in Cary NC

offer an exclusive maid service in Cary NC and training of staff to cover basic household and family needs. Our quality assurance policy seeks professionals with a positive and helpful attitude, which facilitates integration into your family.

Maid services selection in Cary, NC, based on domestic and family needs.

the workplace so that the employee does not lose too much time on travel and can reconcile their working life with family or, in the case of an assistant for hours with other jobs.

Finding the right person for each family fosters motivation domestic service and is reflected in the quality and continuity of their work.

Service maid basic training in Cary, NC, before starting to ease integration into the family.

Domestic staff specialists and select the best employee or employee home for your family.

maid services

Why choose our maid services in Cary NC?

The best service and the best control of

the activities undertaken agree with you and makelist of Control that.will be followed to the letter and controlled by our field supervisors, who will have the task of checking that everything is done as you like and solicitous.

At the time of the service contract, you fill a list of all the tasks that must be done in your home and how you like them done.

Also it indicates which days of the week should be done and the frequency of them.

These tasks can be changed by you at any time through our portal, which can be introduced by a secret key that will be delivered to you. his lady is trained and prepared to offer the best service with special emphasis on time optimization, fully prepared to carry out the duties of his role, maintaining a personal presentation according to their activity and, above all, by placing a real confidence in the development and performance of their professional work. It was reported properly maintain a balance with the decor of your home it deserves.

What our services include maid?


Cleaning of bathrooms:

  • Showers and baths
  • Toilets
  • Sinks And faucets
  • bent and well placed Towels
  • mirrors and exterior furniture
  • floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Empty the dumps

What our services include maid?


Cleaning the kitchen

  • clean dishes and placed
  • cleaning ovens and appliances
  • cleaning and oven
  • cleaning refrigerator
  • Exterior Furniture
  • mopped floors vacuumed and
  • Empty the dumps
Cleaning bedrooms:
  • Beds made
  • Exterior Furniture and mirrors
  • vacuumed floors
  • visible and invisible surfaces clean
  • Empty the dumps