Clean a refrigerator inside

clean a refrigerator inside


Young smiling woman wearing rubber protective yellow gloves cleaning the fridge with rag and spray bottle detergent. Home, housekeeping concept. Looking at the camera

Nobody wants their food to be in contact with germs and bacteria, that’s why it’s important to keep kitchen appliances that are used to prepare food clean, or that are in contact with them like the refrigerator. A bad cleaning of this device can lead to the formation of mold, but you do not want that to happen, right? Then, learn how to clean a refrigerator inside below.
Cleaning a refrigerator is easy, you do not need to be a refrigeration technician or expensive cleaning products. You only have to set aside 30 minutes of your time to remove everything you have inside the refrigerator, wash the shelves and drawers, and put everything back. If you adopt the habit of cleaning it once a month, each cleaning will take less time.
What do you need to clean a refrigerator inside?
To clean a refrigerator you must have at hand:
A sponge
A dishcloth
Detergent for dishes without aroma
A bowl or deep bowl
Steps to clean a refrigerator
Before starting cleaning, disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply. Do not worry about the preservation of food because they will only be out for a few minutes and if you have frozen foods, they will not be thawed because they are removed half an hour from the cold.
Remove all food from the refrigerator and all shelves and removable parts. If some piece can not be removed because it is fixed, do not worry – you can do the cleaning anyway.
Prepare a soapy solution to clean the refrigerator in a bowl with water and a few drops of detergent, submerge the sponge, drain a little and begin to carve with it the inner walls of the refrigerator. (The cold kept by the refrigerator will not allow the sponge to foam, but it will also clean the surfaces). Rinse and repeat the process especially where there are stains or gobs, then dry with the cloth.